A machine tool is a power-driven machine that shapes metal, wood or plastics by cutting, shearing, pressing, and drilling, more commonly known as mills, lathes, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.

Ranger College offers a degree in machining which is designed to teach how to set up and operate machine tools to manufacture, modify, or repair parts that conform to a set of specifications, commonly known as blueprints. Upon successful completion of the program graduates will be able to manufacture products from an engineering drawing to reality: from a piece of titanium, for example, to a knee replacement; from a piece of steel for gears for trucks, tractors, and airplanes; for anything that is manufactured, a machine tool and machinist are involved.

Ranger College offers
Dual Credit Machining Program
Machining Technology Certification 2 (40 credits)
Machining Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree (60 credits)

Start of the Program
Each Fall, Spring, Summer Semester

Complete application must be submitted by the 1st day of class

Erath County Center

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